Please click one of the links below to download the software package.

The "All Programs" links each cause to be downloaded a tar file about 750 Megabytes in length. The files associated with each of the six computer programs, BOSOR4, BIGBOSOR4, HUGEBOSOR4, BOSOR5, PANDA2, and GENOPT, include the program source files, the program executable files, sample cases, documentation, and certain utility files, including a plotting application called plotps, written by Bill Bushnell. BIGBOSOR4 supersedes BOSOR4 because BIGBOSOR4 handles shells with many more shell segments than BOSOR4, and BIGBOSOR4 will analyze prismatic shells as well as shells of revolution. HUGEBOSOR4 does not yet supersede BIGBOSOR4 because HUGEBOSOR4 is young. HUGEBOSOR4 will handle 10 times as many shell segments (2950 shell segments) as BIGBOSOR4. To date HUGEBOSOR4 has been used only in connection with GENOPT. BOSOR4 is still needed because BOSOR4 routines are used by PANDA2. BOSOR5 (elastic-plastic buckling) does not supersede BIGBOSOR4 (elastic buckling) because BOSOR5 does not do as many different types of analysis as does BIGBOSOR4 (or HUGEBOSOR4), nor does BOSOR5 handle prismatic shells, as do BIGBOSOR4 and HUGEBOSOR4. BIGBOSOR4 and HUGEBOSOR4 handle shells with many, many more segments than does BOSOR5.

WARNING: Each of the two files corresponding to the first 2 items listed next (Item 1 = "All Program, install from Source Code" and Item 2 = "All Programs for x8664-bit Linux") is very large: about 750 Mbytes. Therefore, much communication time will probably be needed for your download. Perhaps the best thing to do is to start the download just before you go to bed for the night and let it run. Also, if you have a communication system that experiences "random" interruptions from time to time, your attempt to download either of these large files may fail. In that case, just try again.