September 1, 2018

  1. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following deceased Shell Buckling People:
  2. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following living Shell Buckling People:
  3. Revised the CV's for the following Shell Buckling People:
  4. We have added a total of 60 buckling images to various galleries on the Other Buckling Images page along with new descriptive text for each of the galleries.
  5. We have added 1 new book cover image to the T through Z Book Cover Gallery on the Bibliography page.
    • Theodore R. Tauchert, Energy Principles in Structural Mechanics, Indo American Books, 2007, 400 pages.
  6. Since May 1, 2018 we have added citations and abstracts of many additional papers to the long and downloadable “full bibliography” file available in “PDF” and/or “DOCX” formats on the Shell Buckling Bibliography section of this website. This long downloadable “full bibliography” file now has about 9600 pages and continues to be a work in progress. At the date of my last update notice, May 1, 2018, there were about 1500 pages fewer than now exist; therefore, many thousands of additional citations have been added during the past three months. The new citations were found following the search strategy introduced in May 2017 except that many journals were added to the original list of journals to be searched for “buckling/vibration” papers. Papers from 2017 and on are queried for "buckling vibration" in the original journals listed plus in the following additional journals:

    • ASME Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
    • Advances in Structural Engineering
    • Archive of Applied Mechanics
    • Meccanica
    • Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures
    • Computational Mechanics
    • Structural Engineering and Mechanics
    • Mechanics of Composite Materials
    • Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
    • Advanced Composite Materials
    • Composites Science and Technology
    • International Journal of Steel Structures
    • ASME Journal of Mechanical Design
    • Steel and Composite Structures
    • Journal of Thermal Stresses
    • Applied Mathematical Modeling
    • Archive of Computational Methods in Engineering
    • International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design
    • International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering
    • Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
    • International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
    • Thin Solid Films
    • Extreme Mechanics Letters
    • Proceedings of the Royal Society Series A
    • Applied Physics Letters

    You can search the “full bibliography” file in order to compile preliminary lists of relevant references you may want to add at the end of a paper on shell buckling/vibration that you intend to write.

    In view of the somewhat broader coverage of the “shell buckling/vibration” field, I have modified the title of the 9600-page bibliography. The new title is:

    Many references about buckling, wrinkling, crushing, crippling, crumpling, creasing, kinking, dimpling, folding, vibration, dynamic response and optimization of membranes, films, sheets, plates, panels, shells, tubes, nanotubes, pipes, thin-walled beam-columns, sandwich structures and soft structures.
  7. Added the following new Shell Buckling Link:
  8. Many broken links were removed.