May 1, 2018

  1. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following deceased Shell Buckling People:
  2. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following living Shell Buckling People:
  3. Revised the CV's for the following Shell Buckling People:
  4. We have added a total of 68 buckling images to various galleries on the Other Buckling Images page along with new descriptive text for each of the galleries.
  5. We have added new book cover images to the Book Cover Gallery on the Bibliography page.
    • Donald A. Danielson, Vectors and Tensors in Engineering and Physics, The Perseus Books Group, 2003.
    • S. Pellegrino, Deployable Structures, Springer, 2014, 360 pages
    • W. Pietraszkiewicz and W. Witkowski (Editors), Shell Structures Theory and Applications, Vol. 4, CRC Press, 2017, 574 pages.
    • Hui-Shen Shen, Postbuckling Behavior of Plates and Shells, World Scientific, 2017, 696 pages.
    The previously single Book Cover Gallery has been replaced by the following four sub-galleries, ordered by first author surname:
  6. Many additional citations and abstracts of papers were added to the long and downloadable full bibliography file available in PDF and DOCX formats in the Bibliography section. This file now has about 8200 pages and continues to be a work in progress. At the date of my last notice, November 1, 2017, there were about 2200 pages fewer than now exist; therefore, many additional citations have been added during the past three months. If you find this material helpful, a reference in your paper to this website would be appreciated. For example: “David Bushnell and William D. Bushnell,, 2018.”

  7. We have added two references to the STAGS literature.