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A rather elaborate free-form "Binishell"


“Could the eco-friendly Binishell dome be set for a revival?” by Nick Lavars, August 4, 2014.

Nick Lavars writes:
“It was in the 1960s that architect Dr Dante Bini pioneered the Binishell as a cheaper and more eco-friendly way of construction. While this led to the building of more than a thousand domes, the practice was largely abandoned, due in part to concerns surrounding their stability. Dante's son Nicolo, also an architect, is now looking to revive the Binishell method, with a view to providing low-cost housing solutions around the world.

“In the 1960s, as they are now, Binishells were championed for their relatively quick construction time and low environmental impact. A foundation slab is laid and a large bladder anchored to it, stretching right to the perimeter. Concrete is then poured on top and the bladder inflated, creating a dome structure as it sets.”

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