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Left side: Pantheon, Rome, AD 130; Right Side: Hagia Sophia, Istambul AD 537

This and the next three slides are from: Tom Mueller and Dave Yoder, "Brunelleschi's Dome", National Geographic Magazine (NGM), Vol. 225, No. 2, February 2014.

Drawings in these four slides are by Fernando G. Baptista, Matthew Twombly, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Daniela Santamarina, NGM staff, Margaret NG, Jose Miguel Mayo, Whitney Smith, Fanna Gebreyesus; Picture text by A. R. illiams and NGM staff.

Sources for this slide:
PANTHEON: Lothar Haselberger of the University of Pennsylvania.
HAGIA SOPHIA: Robert Ousterhout of the University of Pennsylvania.

Text by A.R. Williams and NGM staff:

PANTHEON: "An expression of imperial power, this dome was the largest ever built at the time. It roofed a temple to all Roman gods. Recessed squares in the ceiling helped lighten its weight."

HAGIA SOPHIA: "First s Byzantine church and then a mosque, this building is now a museum. The dome rises above a row of windows and seems to float like the fault of heaven when the sun streams in."

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