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Left: St. Paul's Cathedral, London, AD 1710; Right: U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., AD 1868

From: Tom Mueller and Dave Yoder, "Brunelleschi's Dome", National Geographic Magazine (NGM), Vol. 225, No. 2, February 2014.

Sources for this slide:
ST. PAUL's CATHEDRAL: Gordon Higgott.
U.S. CAPITOL: William C. Allen.

Text by A.R. Williams and NGM staff:

ST. PAUL's CATHEDRAL: "Architect Sir Christopher Wren designed this dome. Beneath the outer shell stands a massive brick cone that supports the 700-ton stone lantern at the top of the building."

U.S. CAPITOL: "This dome tops the neoclassical building that George Washington approved to house the nations's legislature. Construction of the Capitol carried on through the Civil War."

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