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An abstract of BOSOR4 (BIGBOSOR4) and references

BIGBOSOR4 is the newest version of BOSOR4, so-called because BIGBOSOR4 will handle many more shell segments (up to 295 shell segments) than BOSOR4. Input data for BOSOR4 is valid as input for BIGBOSOR4.

BIGBOSOR4 will handle true prismatic panels and shells, which cannot be handled by BOSOR4 except by approximation of the true prismatic panels and shells as parts of a huge torus.

For the first application of BIGBOSOR4, see the paper, "Automated optimum design of shells of revolution with application to ring-stiffened cylindrical shells with wavy walls", by David Bushnell, presented at the AIAA 41st Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, AIAA Paper 2000-1663, 2000.

The papers listed as references in this slide can be downloaded from this website.

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