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A fictitious six-segment shell of revolution to be analyzed with BOSOR4/BIGBOSOR4

This is Fig. 1 from the original 1977 BOSOR4 user's manual paper, "BOSOR4: Program for stress, buckling and vibration of complex shells of revolution" by David Bushnell, in Structural Mechanics Software Series – Volume 1, Edited by N. Perrone and W. Pilkey, University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, VA, 1977, pp. 11 – 143.

This slide shows a (fictitious) segmented composite shell for analysis by BOSOR4 (or BIGBOSOR4). The next two slides show buckling modes and vibration modes, respectively, for this fictitious shell, introduced here in order to demonstrate the capabilities of BIGBOSOR4 (BOSOR4).

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