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The scope of BOSOR4/BIGBOSOR4

This is Table 1 from the 1974 BOSOR4 paper that summarizes the BOSOR4/BIGBOSOR4 capability. (from Computers & Structures, Vol. 4, pp 399 – 435, 1974)

NOTE: BIGBOSOR4 also now handles rigorously prismatic shells and panels, not just approximate "huge torus" models of prismatic structures, as explained in some slides near the end of this presentation.

Reference to the "true prismatic" shell model incorporated into BIGBOSOR4:

Bushnell, David, "Comparison of a "huge torus" model with a true prismatic model for: 1. an axially compressed simple monocoque cylindrical shell, 2. an axially compressed optimized truss-core sandwich cylindrical shell, and 3. an axially compressed optimized internally ring and stringer stiffened cylindrical shell with a T-stiffened weld land, Unpublished report for NASA Langley Research Center, February 12, 2010 and contained in the file, ...bigbosor4/case/prismatic/prismaticshell.pdf

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