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O.T. Thomsen, et al (Editors) Sandwich Structures 7: Advancing with Sandwich Structures and Materials

Sandwich Structures 7: Advancing with Sandwich Structures and Materials: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Sandwich Structures, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, 29-31 August 2005 [Hardcover]
O.T. Thomsen (Editor), E. Bozhevolnaya (Editor), A. Lyckegaard (Editor)

Table of Contents:

Keynote Lectures: Sandwich materials and structures technology — past, present and future, by J.R.Vinson;
Sandwich structures technology in commercial aviation: Present applications and future trends, by A.Hermann;
Damage assessment and damage tolerance of FRP sandwich structures, by B.Hayman;
Sessions organised by the ONR by Y. Rajapakse.
Mechanics & Analysis: Geometrical non-linear response of modern sandwich panels — localized effects, by Y.Frostig;
Global buckling of wide sandwich panels, by G.A.Kardomateas;
Parametric study of structurally graded core junctions, by A.Lyckegaard, E.Bozhevolnaya, O.T.Thomsen;
Local effects induced by core junctions in sandwich beams under various loading conditions, by E.Bozhevolnaya, A.Lyckegaard, O.T.Thomsen;
Material characterization of PVC foam under static and dynamic loading, by D.C.Loup, R.C.Matteson, A.W.J.Gielen.
Dynamics: Dynamic response of anisotropic sandwich panels to underwater and in-air explosions, by L.Librescu, S.Y.Oh, J.Hohe;
Enhancement of impact and blast resistance of sandwich plates, by G.J.Dvorak, Y.A.Bahei-El-Din;
Failure, Fracture, Damage and Fatigue: A two-property yield, failure (fracture) criterion for isotropic matrix materials, by R.M.Christensen;
On crack extension in foam cored sandwich fracture specimens, by R.C.Matteson, L.A.Carlsson, F.Aviles, D.C Loup;
Effect of geometric constraint on fracture toughness of PVC foam core sandwich beams, by K.N. Shivakumar, H.Chen and A. Bargava;
Damage evaluation of sandwich structures using vibration and thermal signatures, by A.Cecchini, F. Just-Agosto, D.Serrano, B.Shafiq;
Fatigue performance and size effects in sandwich composites, by B.Shafiq, A.Quispitupa, F.Just, M.Banos;
Study of fatigue endurance of conventional and modiefied core junctions in sandwich beams, by E.Bozhevolnaya, A.Lyckegaard, O.T.Thomsen;
Fatigue of closed cell foams, by D.Zenkert, A.Shipsa, M.Burman;
Fatigue of pure and nanophased sandwich composites under shear loading, by H.Mahfiiz, S.Zainuddin, M.F.Uddin, V.K.Rangari, S.Jeelani;
Environmental degradation: Sea water ingress into closed cell polymeric foams and its effect on delamination of sandwich lay-ups, by A.Ionita, X.Li, J.Weitsman;
Modelling, Analysis and Design Sandwich plates: stresses, deflection, buckling and wrinkling loads — a case study, by H-R.Meyer-Piening;
Modelling of viscoelastically damped sandwich beams comparative study, by H.Hu, S.Belouettar, E.M.Daya, M.Potier-Ferry;
A homogenisation based theory for laminated and sandwich beams and plates, by J.S.Hansen, G. Kennedy, Almeida;
Modelling of composite and sandwich plates by a trigonometric layerwise theory and multiquadratics, by C.M.C.Roque, A.J.M.Ferreira, R.M.N.Jorge;
Stability behaviour of cylindrical and conical sandwich shells with flexible core, by C.Zhong, H.-G.Reimerdes;
High order nonlinear contact effects in the dynamic behavior of delaminated sandwich panels with a flexible core, by H. Schwarts-Givli, O. Rabinovitch, Y. Frostig;
Bending behavior of sandwich panels with a soft core and embedded rigid inserts, by O. Rabinovitch, E.Hamed;
Elastic behaviour of z-reinforced sandwich beams, by M.Leite, A.Silva, M.Freitas;
Wrinkling of shallow sandwich shells for the general case of multiaxial orthotropy, curvature and loading, by V.Skvortsov, O.T.Thomsen;
Transverse stresses of a filler under multipoint loading of a sandwich panel, by V.A.Polyakov, R.PShlitsa, V.V. Khitrov, V.I.Zhigun;
A triangular finite element for sandwich iates accounting for transverse core compressability, by S.Demiray, W.Becker, J.Hohe;
A finite element for the static and stability analysis of sandwich plates, by M.Linke, W.Wohlers, H.-G.Reimerdes;
Two finite element formulations for a rapid 3D stress analysis of composite sandwich structures, by A.Wetzel, L.Kärger;
Sandwich materials selection charts, by J. Pflug, I.Verpoest;
Optimal design of laminated extended and honeycomb cores sandwich panels under out-of-plane load with simply supported boundary conditions using genetic algorithm, by M.J.Jamali, I.Rjabi, M.H.Kadivar;
Designing sandwich inserts and core junctions for maximum structural stiffness using discrete material optimisation, by J.Stegmann, E.Lund;
Fracture and Damage Tolerance: On residual compressive strength prediction of composite sandwich panels after low -velocity impact damage, by Z.Xie, A.J.Vizzini, M.Yang;
Investigation of parameters dictating damage characteristics in sandwich panels, by G.Zhou, M.Hill, N.Hookham;
Real-time damage detection of honeycomb sandwich structures using small-diameter fiber Bragg grating sensors, by S.Minakuchi,Y.Okabe, N.Takeda;
The influence of face sheet wrinkle defects on the performance of FRP sandwich structures, by B.Hayman (Norway), C.Berggreen, R.Pettersson;
Residual strength of debonded sandwich panels loaded with lateral pressure - experimental investigation and fracture mechanical modeling, by P.Jolma, S.Segercrantz, C.Berggreen;
Measurement of interface fracture toughness of sandwich structures, by R.C.Østergaard, B.F.Sørensen;
Numerical study of fractured sandwich composites under flexural loading, by E.E.Theotokoglou, LA.Carlsson, C.D.Vrettos;
Dependence of sandwich damage initiation and crack propagation on core material fracture properties, by L.Berger, M.Morgenthaler, W.Cantwell, K.Feichtinger, R.Ellcin;
Dependence of inplane sandwich shear deformation on core material type and thickness, by M.Morgenthaler, L.Berger, K.Feichtinger, R.Elkin;
Residual strength of in-plane loaded debonded sandwich panels, by C.Lundsgaard-Larsen, C.Berggreen, A.Nøkkentved;
Residual strength of in-plane loaded debonded sandwich panels - fracture mechanical modelling, by C.Berggreen, B.C.Simonsen;
Resistance of fastenings of sandwich panels, by P.Hassinen;
Experimental failure mode determination of GRP/PVC-foam sandwich T-joints - static and dynamic experiments, by A.W.J.Gielen, W.Trouwborst, D.C Loup;
Flexural behaviour of Aluminium foam/composite structures, by M.Styles, P.Compston, S.Kalyanasundaram;
Repair classification for sandwich panels with hail damage, by M.Das, E.Madenci, H.Razi;
Damage tolerance assessment of repaired composite sandwich structures, by R.S.Trask, B.Cripps, R.A.Shenoi.
Dynamics, Vibration and Sound: Dynamical transient response of shallow sandwich panel subjected to pressure field, by S.Kadyrov, V.Skvortsov;
Effect of transverse core compressibility on dynamic buckling of sandwich structures, by J.Hohe, L.Librescu, S.Oh;
Dynamic characterisation of marine sandwich structures, by M.A.Battley, I.Stenius, J.Breder, S.Edinger;
Local free vibration analysis of initially stressed curved sandwich beam, by W.Wang, R.A.Shenoi, A.K.Nayak; Vibration analysis of composite sandwich plates and layup optimization, by H.Sekine, H.Shirahata, M.Matsuda;
Flexural vibrations of a three-layer sandwich beam using ordinary 4th order beam theory in combination with frequency dependent parameters to predict the flexural dynamics of a sandwich beam, by D. Backström, A.Nilsson;
An effective 2D linear elasticity vibrational model for layered and sandwich clamped-clamped unidirectional strips, by S. Karczmarzyk;
Minimization of acoustic radiation from composite sandwich structures, by H.Denli, J.Q.Sun;
On wave propagation in sandwich plates under heavy fluid loading, by S.Sorokin, N.Peake;
Wave propagation in a sandwich plate loaded by a viscous compressible fluid, by A.Chubinsky, S. Sorokin.
Impact: Impact resistance on lightweight sandwich panels, by D. Thou, W.J. Stronge; Ballistic resistance of 2D and 3D woven sandwich composites, by A Shukia, J.Grogan, S.A.Tekalur, A.Bogclanovich, R.A.Coffelt;
Impact and indentation behaviour of sandwich panels, by C.-J. Lindholm;
A comparison of low energy impact behaviour in aluminium foam and polymer foam sandwich structures, by P.Compston, M.Styles, S.Kalyanasundaram;
Numerical modelling of sandwich panel response to ballistic loading — energy balance for varying impactor geometries, by J.Kepler, M.R.Hansen;
Low velocity impact investigations of sandwich panels with different cores, by W.G. Ottner, H.-G.Reimerdes;
Mechanical behaviour of rubber-filled multifunctional honeycomb sandwich composite, by H. Hao, C.-R.Joe, D.-U.Kim;
Stitching effect on static and dynamic behaviour of sandwich structures, by B. Lascoup, Z.Abourra, K.Khellil, M.Benzeggagh;
Processing and Fabrication Continuous manufacturing and performance of 3D reinforced sandwich structures, by G Le Roy, C.Binetruy, P.Krawczak;
A novel extrusion-welded sandwich structure for thermoplastic composite storage tanks, by E.Lagardere, M.F.Lacrampe, O.Skawinski, P.Krawczak, C.Ducret, M.Giletti;
The opportunities of flexible foam processing for rigid foam sandwich cores, by H. Mispreuve, L. den Haan;
Formability of lightweight, vibration damping and medium perfused sandwich sheets, by R. Kopp, M.Nutzmann, J.van Santen;
Fabrication and mechanical properties of functionally graded micro-porous metals by MIN-base powder space holder method, by K.Nishiyabu, S.Matsuzaki, S.Tanaka;
Sandwich injection moulding and physical properties of cup-stacked carbon nanofiber/polypropylene and polypropylene, by K. Okubu, S.Tanaka, N.Oya, K.Nishiyabu, T. Yanagisawa, M.Tomita;
New ROHACELL® development for resin infusion processes, by J.Scherble, T.Jahn;
Development and validation of a continuous production concept for thermoplastic honeycomb, by J.P.Bratfisch, D.Vandepitte, J.Pflug, L. Verpoest;
Sandwich panel with a periodical and graded core, by J.V.Nygaard, A.Lyckegaard, J.Christiansen;
Investigation of cure process for thick composite sandwich panels, by D.K.Jensen;
NDE and Environmental Degradation: Automated ultrasonic inspection of large-scale sandwich structures, by T.Wulf;
Evaluation of sandwich materials using ultrasonic air-coupled scanning technique, K. Borum;
Structural NDE of CFRP composite materials ...

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