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A typical BOSOR5 run stream

The BOSOR5 user types the command, INPUT, when he or she has no *.ALL file for his or her case ("*" denotes the user-specified name of the case) and must therefore start from scratch, providing input data interactively, shell segment by shell segment.

The processor, INPUT, produces files, *.SEG1, *.SEG2, *.SEG3..., *.SEGn that are concatenated by the processor, ASSEMBLE. If the shell has m segments the quantity n = m+1. The *.SEGn file contains global data applicable to all the shell segments in the model, including data that specify how the m segments are connected to eachother and to ground.

The processor, BOSORMAIN produces a file, *.MAI, and the processor, BOSORPOST, produces a file, *.POS, in which "*" denotes the user-established name of the case.

A detailed listing of a BOSOR5 run stream is given in the file, "runstream", which can be downloaded from the website page activated via the "button" called BOSOR5, which is located on the website home page.

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