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some failure modes of sandwich walls

This and the next three slides pertain to buckling of plates and shells with sandwich wall construction.
This figure is discussed in Fig. 5 of the PowerPoint presentation for the AIAA 38th Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, AIAA Paper 97-1142: David Bushnell, "Optimum design via PANDA2 of composite sandwich panels with honeycomb or foam cores".

Shown here are several modes of behavior of sandwich walls that correspond to design margins included in the PANDA2 computer program for optimum design of stiffened and unstiffened panels and shells. (PANDA2 includes the capability to optimize sandwich plates and shells.)

Anonymous, “The basics of bonded sandwich construction”, Hexcel Corporation, Dublin, California, Report TSB 124, January 1988.

Anonymous, “Mechanical properties of honeycomb material”, Hexcel Corporation, Dublin, California, Report TSB 120, January 1988.

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