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Application of Eurocode 9 to various tanks

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Eurocode 9 - Design of aluminium structures - Part 1-5: Shell structures, EN 1999-1-5, February 2007, Incorporating corrigendum November 2009

Anonymous author writes:

6.2 Buckling resistance
6.2.1 General
All relevant combinations of actions causing compressive membrane stresses or shear membrane stresses in the shell wall should be taken into account.
The sign convention for use in calculation for buckling should be taken as compression positive for meridional and circumferential stresses and stress resultants.
Special attention should be paid to the boundary conditions which are relevant to the incremental displacements due to buckling (as opposed to pre-buckling displacements). Examples of relevant boundary conditions are shown in Figure 6.1 [this slide].

(Much more is written in Section 6.2 and is included on the website referenced above.)

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