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Information about STAGS (slide 1 of 2)

The general-purpose finite element computer program called STAGS is often used to verify optimum designs that have previously been obtained by PANDA2 or by GENOPT/BIGBOSOR4.

STAGS has been worked on for over 40 years. It is especially well suited to solve very difficult and very nonlinear static and dynamic problems that involve thin-walled structures that experience buckling and collapse.

STAGS is the computer program that has been used to verify optimum designs of stiffened composite panels and shells obtained by PANDA2 and by GENOPT/BIGBOSOR4.

All pictures presented in this slide show except the first picture are from papers in which STAGS is used to verify predictions obtained for optimized thin-walled structures previously obtained by PANDA2 and GENOPT/BIGBOSOR4.

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