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Cross-section flattening and local "kinking" (buckling) of long pipe in bending

Karamanos SA, Tassoulas JL (Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin).

Tubular members I: stability analysis and preliminary results. J Eng Mech 1996;122(1):64–71

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a finite-element technique for the analysis of tubular member stability under combined external pressure and structural loads. A tube element is developed for the purposes of this research. While polynomial (quadratic) interpolation is used in the longitudinal direction, Fourier series expansions of the displacement components are adopted at the nodal cross sections. The formulation accounts for large inelastic deformation and recognizes initial imperfections and residual stresses. To trace unstable equilibrium paths, arc-length procedures are implemented. A simple, yet effective estimate of the contribution of external pressure to the tube element stiffness matrix, particularly significant in the analysis of slender tubes, is included. Preliminary results regarding the behavior of tubular members subjected to pressure and bending are reported and discussed. The effects of initial imperfections and residual stresses on the response to pressure along with bending are summarized. Finally, the influence of residual stresses on thrust-moment interaction in tubular beam-columns is examined briefly.

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