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Global-local buckling of a buried pipe including pipe-soil interaction

R. A. Einsfeld (1); D. W. Murray (2); N. Yoosef-Ghodsi (3)
(1) Instituto Politécnico – IPRJ, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Caixa Postal 97282, 28601-970 Nova Friburgo, RJ. Brazil.
(2) Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2G7.
(3) Centre for Engineering Research – CFER, 250 Karl Clark Road, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6N 1E4.
"Buckling analysis of high-temperature pressurized pipelines with soil-structure interaction", J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng. vol.25 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 2003

ABSTRACT: High-temperature pressurized pipelines design requires special attention, as restrained thermal stresses are high. Due consideration should be given to thermal expansion, as stresses in bends of expansion loops are significant. Also, the modelling of the soil-pipe interaction using soil characteristics, especially friction and lateral resistance, is important when analyzing high-temperature pipelines. This paper describes a numerical procedure for the analysis of global and local buckling behavior of high temperature pressurized buried pipelines. Results of finite element calculations are presented and discussed.

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