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Buckling curves for axially compressed isotropic cylindrical shells

This and the next many slides show buckling of cylindrical shells under axial compression.

This chart supplied by Michael Nemeth, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia

From the paper:
Martin M. Mikulas, Jr., Michael P. Nemeth, Leonard Oremont and Dawn C. Jegley, "Effect of boundary conditions on the axial compression buckling of homogeneous orthotropic composite cylinders in the long column range", AIAA Paper 2011-2126, 52nd AIAA Structures, etc. Conference, April 2011

ABSTRACT: Buckling loads for long isotropic and laminated cylinders are calculated based on Euler, Flügge and Donnell’s equations. Results from these methods are presented using simple parameters useful for fundamental design work. Buckling loads for two types of simply supported boundary conditions are calculated using finite element methods for comparison to select cases of the closed form solution. Results indicate that relying on Donnell theory can result in an over-prediction of buckling loads by as much as 40% in isotropic materials.

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