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Dan Dubina & Viorel Ungureanu (Editors) Special Issue of Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 61, pp 1-266, December 2012

Dan Dubina & Viorel Ungureanu, “Recent research advances on thin-walled structures”

List of papers in the special issue:

Pedro B. Dinis, Eduardo M. Batista, Dinar Camotim, Eliane S. dos Santos, “Local-distortional-global interaction in lipped channel columns: Experimental results, numerical simulations and design considerations”

J. Loughlan, N. Yidris, K. Jones, “The failure of thin-walled lipped channel compression members due to coupled local-distortional interactions and material yielding”

Cao Hung Pham, Gregory J. Hancock, “Elastic buckling of cold-formed channel secgions in shear”

Pedro Natário, Nuno Silvestre, Dinar Camotim, “Localized web buckling analysis of beams subjected to concentrated loads using GBT”

N. Djafour, M. Djafour, A. Megnounif, M. Matallah, D. Zendagui, “A constrained finite strip method for prismatic members with branches and/or closed parts”

Zhenyu Yao, Kim J.R. Rasmussen, “Inelastic local buckling behavior of perforated plates and sections under compression”

Miquel Casafont, Magdalena Pastor, Jordi Bonada, Francesc Roure, Teoman Peköz, “Linear buckling analysis of perforated steel storage rack columns with the finite strip method”

Andrei Crisan, Viorel Ungureanu, Dan Dubina, “Behaviour of cold-formed steel perforated sections in compression, Part 1 – Experimental investigations”

Andrei Crisan, Viorel Ungureanu, Dan Dubina, “Behaviour of cold-formed steel perforated sections in compression, Part 2 – Numerical investigations and design considerations”

Petr Hradil, Ludovic Fülöp, Asko Talja, “Global stability of thin-walled ferritic stainless steel members”

Maria Kotelko, Radoslaw J. Mania, “Quasi-static and dynamic axial crushing of TWCF open-section members”

Franc Sinur, Antonio Zizza, Ulrike Kuhlmann, Darko Beg, “Buckling interaction of slender plates – Experimental and numerical investigations”

B. Kövesdi, L. Dunai, U. Kuhlmann, “Interacting stability behavior of steel I-girders with corrugated webs”

Tian Gao, Cristopher D. Moen, “Predicting rotational restraint provided to wall girts and roof purlins by through-fastened metal panels”

P. Jasion, E. Magnucka-Blandzi, W. Szyc, K. Magnucki, “Global and local buckling of sandwich circular and beam-rectangular plates with metal foam core”

Lei Chen, J. Michael Rotter, Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis, “Practical calculations for uniform external pressure buckling in cylindrical shells with stepped walls”

Adam J. Sadowski, J. Michael Rotter, “Slender thin cylindrical shells under unsymmetrical strip loads”

Takaya Kobayashi, Yasuko Mihara, Fumio Fujii, “Path-tracing analysis for post-buckling process of elastic cylindrical shells under axial compression”

Carlos F. Estrada, Luis A. Godoy, Fernando G. Flores, “Buckling of vertical sandwich cylinders embedded in soil”

T. Yu, B. Zhang, Y.B. Cao, J.G. Teng, “Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to cyclic axial compression”

Lincy Pyl, Luc Schueremans, Willem Dierckx, Iveta Georgieva, “Fire safety analysis of a 3D frame structure based on a full-scale fire test”

Nirosha Dolamune Kankanamge, Mahen Mahendran, “Behaviour and design of cold-formed steel beams subject to lateral-torsional buckling at elevated temperatures”

Wei Lu, Zhongcheng Ma, Pentti Mäkeläinen, Jyri Outinen, “Behaviour of shear connectors in cold-formed steel sheeting at ambient and elevated temperatures”

Robert Massarelli, John-Edward Franquet, Kishor Shrestha, Robert Tremblay, Colin A. Rogers, “Seismic testing and retrofit of steel deck roof diaphragms for building structures”

Luigi Fiorino, Ornella Iuorio, Vincenzo Macillo, Raffaele Landolfo, “Performance-based design of sheathed CFS buildings in seismic area”

Federico M. Mazzolani, 3D aluminium structures”

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