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Hiroyuki Shima and Motohiro Sato, Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Carbon Nanotubes, Pan-Stanford Publishing, 2013, 350 pages

The explosive outgrowth and tremendous importance of carbon nanotubes are testaments to their amazing versatility and intriguing nature. One of the reasons for carbon nanotubes offering huge potential in so many fields is their significant mechanical properties, including the extraordinary rigidity, resilience, toughness, and flexibility. Mechanical deformation of carbon nanotubes is known to cause considerable changes in their physical and chemical properties through the nontrivial structure-property correlation. A strong understanding of their deformation mechanism and available geometry is, therefore, crucial to developing nanotube-based applications.

This book is designed to be the first treatise that concentrates on the remarkable mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes. It covers theoretical and experimental progresses in the last decade, which will be helpful for readers to become acquainted with the importance of the subject.

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