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Mechanics: from theory to computation: essays in honor of Juan-Carlos Simo (Google eBook) , Springer, 2000, 532 pages

Dynamical Problems for Geometrically Exact Theories of Nonlinearly Viscoelastic Rods, S.S Antman.- The Limits of Hamiltonian Structures in Three-Dimensional Elasticity, Shells and Rods, Z. Ge, H.P. Kruse and J.E. Marsden - The Membrane Shell Model in Nonlinear Elasticity: A Variational Asymptotic Derivation, H. Le Dret and A. Raoult - Gravity Waves on the Surface of the Sphere, R. de la Llave and P. Panayotaros - A Nonlinear Extensible 4-Node Shell Element Based on Continuum Theory and Assumed Strain Interpolations, P. Betsch and E. Stein - Multilayer Beams: A Geometrically Exact Formulation, L. Vu-Quoc, H. Deng, and I.K. Ebcioglu - An Impetus-Striction Simulation of the Dynamics of an Elastica, D.J. Dichmann and J.H. Maddocks.- A Symplectic Integrator for Riemannian Manifolds, B. Leimkuhler and G.W. Patrick.- Time Integration and Discrete Hamiltonian Systems, O. Gonzalez.- Obstruction Results in Quantization Theory, M.J. Gotay, H.B. Grundling, and G.M. Tuynman.- Problems and Progress in Microswimming, J. Koiller, K. Ehlers, and R. Montgomery.- Symmetry Methods in Collisionless Many-Body Problems, I. Stewart.- Mathematical Analysis of Sideband Instabilities with Application to Rayleigh-Benard Convection, A. Mielke - KAM Theory Near Multiplicity One Resonant Surfaces in Perturbations of A-Priori Stable Hamiltonian Systems.- Constrained Euler Buckling.- Continuity Properties and Global Attractors of Generalized Semiflows and the Navier-Stokes Equations.- Stacked Lagrange Tops.- On the Bifurcation and Stability of Rigidly Rotating Inviscid Liquid Bridges.

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