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B. Skallerud and J. Amdahl, Nonlinear Analysis of Offshore Structures, Research Studies Pre, 2002, 340 pages

During the last decade the importance of accounting for nonlinear effects has increased due to higher utilization and extended service lives of offshore structures. This book presents new methods for advanced analysis of offshore structures that have evolved. The basic principles of continuum mechanics and finite element methods are presented. The main focus is placed on the behaviour of typical offshore components, for example: tubular beams/beam-columns and joints, stiffened plates, jacket, jack-ups and semi-submersibles. The authors have gained extensive experience through research and development in the areas of ultimate strength and progressive collapse analysis of offshore structures. Over the past two decades they have carried out laboratory testing of structural components and sub-systems; developed software for numerical analysis and have been involved with the practical design of structures to withstand accidental events.

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