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C. Guedes Soares and R.A. Shenoi (editors), Analysis and Design of Marine Structures V, CRC Press, Mar 2, 2015 - Technology & Engineering, 800 pages

Analysis and Design of Marine Structures V contains the papers presented at MARSTRUCT 2015, the 5th International Conference on Marine Structures (Southampton, UK, 25-27 March 2015).

The MARSTRUCT series of conferences started in Glasgow, UK in 2007, the second event of the series took place in Lisbon, Portugal (2009), while the third was in Hamburg, Germany (2011), and the fourth in Espoo, Finland (2013). This conference series deals with Ship and Offshore Structures, addressing the following topics:

– Methods and Tools for Loads and Load Effects

– Methods and Tools for Strength Assessment; Experimental Analysis of Structures

– Materials and Fabrication of Structures

– Methods and Tools for Structural Design and Optimisation

– Structural Reliability, Safety and Environmental Protection

This book is essential reading for academics, engineers and all professionals involved in the area of design of marine and offshore structures.

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