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Professor Jan D. Achenbach

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Walter P. Murphy Professor
Distinguished McCormick School Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University

Aeronautical Engineering, Technological University of Delft (Netherlands), 1959
PhD Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford Unversity, 1962

Honors and Awards:
2005 U.S. National Medal of Science
2003 U.S. National Medal of Technology
Member of National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering
Fellow of: AAAS, SES, ASME, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Acoustical Society of America, American Academy of Mechanics, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Timoshenko Medal, ASME, 1992
Theodore von Karman Medal, ASCE, 2010
William Prager Medal, SES, 2001
Raymond D. Mindlin Medal, ASCE, 2009
ICCES Medal, International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, 2003
SPIE-NDE Lifetime Achievement Award, 2005

Mechanics of solids; quantitative nondestructive evaluation and fracture mechanics

In recent years Professor Achenbach has developed methods for flaw detection and characterization by using contact transducers, imaging techniques and laser-based ultrasonics. He has also developed methods for thin-layer characterization by acoustic microscopy. Work is both analytical and experimental in nature, with extensive cooperation with investigators from other universities and from industrial organizations on theoretical experimental projects. Work in fracture mechanics has been primarily on dynamic fracture. He also carries out research on structural acoustics and on the mechanical behavior of composite materials.

In the Classroom:
Professor Achenbach teaches courses in non-destructive evaluation, fracture mechanics and wave propagation in solids.

Selected Buckling Publication:
W.T. Koiter's elastic stability of solids & structures, by Heijden Arnold van der, Hutchinson John, Achenbach Jan, October 2008, (publisher not given), Lavoisier Librarie, 216 pages
ABSTRACT: This book deals with the elastic stability of solids and structures, on which Warner Koiter was the world's leading expert. It begins with fundamental aspects of stability, relating the basic notions of dynamic stability to more traditional quasi-static approaches. The book is concerned not only with buckling, or linear instability, but most importantly with nonlinear post-buckling behavior and imperfection-sensitivity. After laying out the general theory, Koiter applies the theory to a number of applications, with a chapter devoted to each. These include a variety of beam, plate, and shell structural problems and some basic continuum elasticity problems. Koiter's classic results on the nonlinear buckling and imperfection-sensitivity of cylindrical and spherical shells are included. The treatments of both the fundamental aspects and the applications are completely self-contained. This book was recorded as a detailed set of notes by Arnold van der Heijden from W. T. Koiter's last set of lectures on stability theory, at TU Delft. Only book published based on Koiter's lectures. It deals with the elastic stability of solids and structures, the subject for which Koiter was the world's leading expert. He created much of field covered in this book. Includes coverage of nonlinear post-buckling behavior and imperfection-sensitivity, for which Koiter is most famous. Theory is applied to numerous applications.

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