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Professor Zi Chen

Thayer School of Engineering
Dartmouth, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai JiaoTong University 2002
BS, Computer Technology and Applications, Shanghai JiaoTong University 2003
MS, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Shanghai JiaoTong University 2005
PhD, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University 2012

Research Interests:
Mechanical instabilities of thin structures; origami structures; energy harvesting devices; stretchable electronics; biomimetic materials/devices; nanofabrication; mechanics of morphogenesis; cell biomechanics; mechanics of DNA structures

Selected Publications:
• Zi Chen,^ Xiaomin Han, Huang Zheng. Residual stresses and Poisson's effect drive shape formation and transition of helical structures, Journal of Elasticity, 119(1): 321-333, 2015.
• Q. Guo,* E. Dai,* X. Han,* S. Xie, E. Chao, and Z. Chen,^ Fast nastic motion of plants and bio-inspired structures, Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 12: 20150598, 2015. (Featured cover article.)
• Zi Chen.^ Shape Transition and Multi-stability of Helical Ribbons: a Finite Element Method Study, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 85: 331-338, 2015.
• Qiaohang Guo,*^ Zi Chen,*^ Wei Li, Pingqiang Dai, Kun Ren, Junjie Lin, Larry A. Taber, and Wenzhe Chen. Mechanics of Geometric Frustration in Helical Biomimetc Seashells, Europhyics Letters, 105: 64005, 2014. (Selected as EPL Highlights of 2014.)
• Zi Chen.^ Geometric Nonlinearity and Mechanical Anisotropy in Strained Helical Nanoribbons, Nanoscale, 6: 9443-9447, 2014.
• Qiaohang Guo,* Anil K. Mehta, Martha A. Grover, Wenzhe Chen, David G. Lynn, Zi Chen.*^ Shape selection and instability in helical ribbons, arXiv:1312.3571, Applied Physics Letters, 104, 211901, 2014 (featured on the cover).
• Qiaohang Guo,* Huang Zheng,* Wenzhe Chen, and Zi Chen.*^ Modeling Bistable Behaviors in Morphing Structures through Finite Element Simulations. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering 24:557-562, 2014.
• Wanliang Shan, Zi Chen, Chase P. Broedersz, Ankita A. Gumaste, Winston O. Soboyejo, and Clifford P. Brangwynne. Attenuated short wavelength buckling and force propagation in a biopolymer-reinforced rod, Soft Matter 9, 194-199, 2013.
• Wanliang Shan^ and Zi Chen.^ Large Deformation and Mechanical Instability of Elastic Rods. Journal of Postdoctoral Research, 1(2): 1, 2013 (invited review).
• Matthew A. Wyczalkowski,* Zi Chen,*^ Benjamen Filas, Victor Varner, and Larry A. Taber. Computational Models for Mechanics of Morphogenesis, Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today, 96: 132-152, 2012. Editor’s choice on the Cover (invited review).
• Zi Chen,^ Qiaohang Guo, Carmel Majidi, Wenzhe Chen, David. J. Srolovitz, and Mikko Haataja. Nonlinear geometric effects in mechanical bistable morphing structures, Physical Review Letters, 109, 114302, 2012.
• Zi Chen, Carmel Majidi, David. J. Srolovitz, and Mikko Haataja. Tunable helical ribbons, Applied Physics Letters, 98: 011906, 2011.

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