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Professor Michel Destrade

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Chair of Applied Mathematics, National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway, Ireland

I am a French Applied Mathematician with a background in Physics and Engineering. I joined NUI Galway in 2010 to conduct research, lecture and contribute to the running of the School of Mathematics. Currently, my research interests are mostly in the field of biomechanics. Basically I try to model, describe and predict the mechanical behaviour of soft solids such as gels and soft tissues, including the skin and the brain. I rely on experimental data to guide me, coming from mechanical tests or acoustic measurements.
I am also an Adjunct Professor of Solid Mechanics at Zhejiang University, Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University College Dublin, and a member of the International Brain Mechanics and Trauma Lab. Previously, I worked successively as a Junior Marie Curie Fellow in Mathematical Physics at University College Dublin; as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Texas A&M University, USA; as a Charge de Recherche with the French National Research Agency CNRS at the Institut d'Alembert, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, and as a Senior Marie Curie Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at University College Dublin.

Selected Publications:
M. Destrade and G. Saccomandi (Editors), Waves in Nonlinear Pre-Stressed Materials, CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 495, Springer, 2007, 281 pages
Journal Articles, etc.:
M. Destrade. Rayleigh waves and surface stability for Bell materials in compression: comparison with rubber. Q. Jl. Mech. Appl. Math., 56:593–604, 2003
Destrade M, Saccomandi G, 2005 Finite amplitude elastic waves propagating in compressible solids. Phys. Rev. E. 72, 016620
Goriely, A., Destrade, M., Ben Amar, M., 2006. Stability and bifurcation of compressed elastic cylindrical tubes. Q. J. Mech. Appl. Math. 59, 615–630.
Collet B., Destrade M., Maugin G.A.: Bleustein–Gulyaev waves in some functionally graded materials. Eur. J. Mech. A Solids 25, 695–706 (2006)
A. Goriely, M. Destrade and M. Ben Amar, “Instabilities in elastomers and in soft tissues”, arXiv:0711.4664v1 [cond-mat.soft] 29 Nov 2007
Alain Goriely, Rebecca Vandiver and Michel Destrade, “Nonlinear Euler Buckling”, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Vol. 464, No. 2099, pp. 3003-3019, November 2008
M. Destrade, A. N. Annaidh and C. D. Coman, Int. J. Solids Struct., 2009, 46, 4322–4330.

M. Destrade, J. Murphy and R. Ogden, Int. J. Eng. Sci., 2010, 48, 1212–1224.

M. Destrade and J. Merodio, Int. J. Appl. Mech. 3(1), 69 (2011).

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