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Professor Mauricio Vicente Donadon

Head, Department of Structures, Aerospace Engineering Division
Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

BS in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (1997),
MS at Aerospace Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (2000)
Ph.D in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London - University of London (2005).

Research Interests:
Composite materials, Multifunctional materials, Finite elements, Impact, Buckling, Manufacturing of composite aerostructures, Woven fabrics, Aeroelasticity and morphing wing design.

Selected Publications (for more see the link Prof. Mauricio Vicente Donadon):
Odeny D. de Matos Junior, Mauricio V. Donadon and Saullo G.P. Castro, “Aeroelastic behavior of stiffened composite laminated panel with embedded SMA wire using the hierarchical Rayleigh-Ritz method”, Composite Structures, Vol. 181, pp 26-45, December 2017
Donadon, Mauricio V.; Arbelo, Mariano A., Bird Strike Modeling in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites. International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, v. 17, n. 6, AUG 2017
Mendonca Sales, Rita De Cassia; Gusmao, Silas Rodrigo; Gouvea, Ricardo Francisco; Chu, Thomas; Fernandez Marlet, Jose Maria; Candido, Geraldo Mauricio; Donadon, Mauricio Vicente. The temperature effects on the fracture toughness of carbon fiber/RTM-6 laminates processed by VARTM. Journal of Composite Materials, v. 51, n. 12, p. 1729-1741, MAY 2017.
Saullo G.P. Castro and Mauricio V. Donadon, “Assembly of semi-analytical models to address linear buckling and vibration of stiffened composite panels with debonding defect”, Composite Structures, Vol. 160, pp 232-247, January 2017
Mauricio V. Donadon and Alfredo R. de Faria, “Aeroelastic behavior of composite laminated shells with embedded SMA wires under supersonic flow”, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 52, pp 157-166, May 2016
Saullo G.P. Castro, Thiago A.M. Guimaraes, Domingos A. Rade and Mauricio V. Donadon, “Flutter of stiffened composite panels considering the stiffener’s base as a structural element”, Composite Structures, Vol. 140, pp 36-43, April 2016
Renato Dedding Martins, Mauricio Vicente Donadon, Sérgio Frascino Muller de Almeida, “The effects of curvature and internal pressure on the compression-after-impact strength of composite laminates”, Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 50, No. 6, pp 825-848, March 2016
Anaisa de Paula Guedes Villani, Mauricio V. Donadon, Mariano A. Arbelo, Paulo Rizzi, Carlos V. Montestruque, Flavio Bussamra, Marcelo R.B. Rodriques, “The postbuckling behaviour of adhesively bonded stiffened panels subjected to in-plane shear loading”, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 46, pp 30-41, October-November 2015
Gehlen Rohrer, Rubens Zolar; Muller De Almeida, Sergio Frascino; Donadon, Mauricio Vicente. Optimization of composite plates subjected to buckling and small mass impact using lamination parameters. Composite Structures, v. 120, p. 141-152, February 2015
Arbelo, Mariano A.; De Almeida, Sergio F. M.; Donadon, Mauricio V.; Rett, Sandro R.; Degenhardt, Richard; Castro, Saullo G. P.; Kalnins, Kaspars; Ozolins, Olgerts. Vibration correlation technique for the estimation of real boundary conditions and buckling load of unstiffened plates and cylindrical shells. Thin-Walled Structures, v. 79, p. 119-128, June 2014
A. Almeida, M.V. Donadon, A.R. de Faria and S.F.M. de Almeida, “The effect of piezoelectrically induced stress stiffening on the aeroelastic stability of curved composite panels”, Composite Structures, Vol. 94, No. 12, pp 3601-3611, December 2012

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