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Professor Farid Abed-Meraim

LEM3 Laboratory, Department of Mechanics and Materials
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, Metz, France

Selected Publications (For more see the link Prof. Farid Abed-Meraim):
Abed-Meraim, F., Combescure, A. (2001) SHB8PS a new intelligent assumed strain continuum mechanics shell element for impact analysis on a rotating body. First MIT conference on computational fluid and solid mechanics, Cambridge, USA
Abed-Meraim F., Combescure A., “SHB8PS-a new adaptative, assumed-strain continuum mechanics shell element for impact analysis”, Comput. Struct., 80 (9–10) (2002), pp. 791-803
Abed-Meraim, F. and Nguyen, Q.S. (2007), “A quasi-static stability analysis for Biot’s equation and standard dissipative systems”, Eur. J. Mech. - A/Solids, 26, 383-393.
Haddag B., Balan T., Abed-Meraim F.: Investigation of advanced strain-path dependent material models for sheet metal forming simulations. Int. J. Plast. 23, 951–979 (2007)
Farid Abed-Meraim and Alain Combescure, “A physically stabilized and locking-free formulation of the (SHB8PS) solid-shell element”, Revue Européenne des éléments finis”, December 2007
Farid Abed-Meraim and Alain Combescure, “Locking-free formulation for the stabilized enhanced strain solid-shell element (SHB8PS): Geometrically non-linear applications”, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computation of Shell and Spatial Structures, IASS-IACM 2008: “Spanning Nano to Mega”, 28-31 May 2008, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, John F. Abel and J. Robert Cooke (Editors)
Farid Abed-Meraim, “Contributions to the prediction of structural and material instabilities: Criteria modeling and finite element formulation for thin structures”, PhD dissertation, Université Paul Verlaine de Metz and Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France
Vuong-Dieu Trinh, Farid Abed-Meraim and Alain Combescure, “A new prismatic solid-shell element ‘SHB6’: Assumed-strain formulation and evaluation on benchmark problems”, Vietnam Journal of Mechanics (VAST), Vol. 31, No. 4, pp 279-292, 2009
Abed-Meraim F., Combescure A., “An improved assumed strain solid-shell element formulation with physical stabilization for geometric non-linear applications and elastic-plastic stability analysis”, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 80 (13) (2009), pp. 1640-1686
Haddag B., Abed-Meraim F., Balan T.: Strain localization analysis using a large deformation anisotropic elastic–plastic model coupled with damage. Int. J. Plast. 25, 1970–1996 (2009)
Abed-Meraim, F. and Combescure, A. (2011), “New prismatic solid-shell element: assumed strain formulation and hourglass mode analysis”, Struct. Eng. Mech., 37, 253-256.

Leahu-Aluas I., Abed-Meraim F.: A proposed set of popular limit-point buckling benchmark problems. Struct. Eng. Mech. 38 (6), 767–802 (2011)

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