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Professor Mohammad Zaman Kabir

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran

1991-1995, Ph. D. , University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
1987-1989, M. Sc. , Amikabir University of Technology, Iran
1983-1987, B. Sc. , AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran

Research Interests:
Analysis and design of FRP composite structures, Stability analysis of structures, Analysis and design of lightweight prefabricated structures, Upgrading of RC members with FRP fabric

Selected Publications:
1. Pandey, M. D., Kabir, M. Z. and Sherbourne, A. N. (1995). " Flexural-Torsional Stability of Thin-Walled Composite I-section Beams", Int. J. Composite Engineering, 5(3), pp. 321-342
2. Sherbourne, A. N. and Kabir, M. Z. (1995) “ Shear Strain Effects in Lateral Stability of Thin-Walles Fibrous Composite Beams” J. Engrg Mechanics, ASCE, 121(5), pp. 640-646
3. Kabir, M.Z. and Sherbourne, A.N. (1998) “ Lateral Torsional Buckling of Post-local Buckled Fibrous Composite Beams”, ASCE, EMD,124(7), pp. 754-764
4. Kabir M. Z. and Sherbourne A. N. (1997) ” Optimal Fibre Orinetation in Lateral Stability of Laminated Channel Section Beams”, Composites Part B, 29 B, pp. 81-87
5. Kabir M.Z. and Sherbourne A. N. (1999) ” Shear Strain Effects on Flexure and torsion of Thin-walled Pultruded Composite Beams”, Can. J. Civ. Eng. 26, 852-868
6. Kabir, M. Z. and Sherbourne, A. N. (1999) “Local Buckling of Thin-Walled Fibre Composite Beams under Transverse Loading” Can. J. Civ. Eng. 26: 107-118
7. Kabir M.Z. (2000) “Finite Element Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessels with a load sharing Metallic Liner”, Int. J. of Composite Structures, 49 , 247-255
8. Kabir M. Z. and Naghaei H. (2002) " Non-linear stability analysis of Large span concrete Dome under Gravity Loads", Amir Kabir Scientific Journal (Accepted for publication)
9. Kabir M. Z. and Moslehitabar A.(2004) " Non-Linear Elastic Stability of Rectangular Frames Under Various Loading, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transaction B: Engineering, Vol. 28, B5, 615-618
10. Kabir M.Z. and Rahbar, M. R. (2004)” Experimental Relation between Non-destructive Test and Standard Cylinder in shotcrete used in Bearing 3D Wall Panels” Journal of Faculty of Engineering, Vol. 38, No. 2, 251-258
11. Kabir M.Z. (2005)” Structural Performance of 3D sandwich panels under shear and flexural loading” International Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 402-409

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