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Professor Hassan Haddadpour

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Education and Career:
1996 MS, Dept. of Mechanical Eng. University of Tehran, Iran
2002 PhD, Structural Mechanics, Sharif University of Technology
2002-2006, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Aerospadce Engineering, Sharif University of Tech.
2006- 2010 Associate Professor
2010 – present Professor

Selected Publications (For more see the link: Prof. Hassan Haddadpour):
M. Mokhtari, M.R. Permoon and H. Haddadpour, “Dynamic analysis of isotropic sandwich cylindrical shell with fractional viscoelastic core using Rayleigh-Ritz method”, Composite Structures, Vol. 186, pp 165-174, February 2018
A.R. Askarian, H. Haddadpour, R.D. Firouz-Abadi and H. Abtahi, “Nonlinear dynamics of extensible viscoelastic cantilevered pipes conveying pulsatile flow with an end nozzle”, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Vol. 91, pp 22-35, May 2017
S. Mahmoudkhani, M. Sadeghmanesh and H. Haddadpour, “Aero-thermo-elastic stability analysis of sandwich viscoelastic cylindrical shells in supersonic airflow”, Composite Structures, Vol. 147, pp 185-196, July 2016
Mohammad Ebrahim Torki, Mohammad Taghi Kazemi, Junuthula N. Reddy, Hassan Haddadpour and Saeid Mahmoudkhani, “Dynamic stability of functionally graded cantilever cylindrical shells under distributed axial follower forces”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 333, No. 3, pp 801-817, February 2014
Reza Koohi, Hossein Shahverdi and Hassan Haddadpour, “Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of a composite wing by finite element method”, Composite Structures, Vol. 113, pp 118-126, July 2014
Mohammad Ebrahim Torki, Mohammad Taghi Kazemi, Hassan Haddadpour and Saeed Mahmoudkhani, “Dynamic stability of cantilevered functionally graded cylindrical shells under axial follower forces”, Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 79, pp 138-146, 2014
Fotouhi, M.M., Firouz-Abadi, R.D., Haddadpour, H.: Free vibration analysis of nanocones embedded in an elastic medium using a nonlocal continuum shell model. Int. J. Eng. Sci. 64, 14–22 (2013)
R.D. Firouz-Abadi, M.R. Permoon, and H. Haddadpour, “On the instability of spinning cylindrical shells partially filled with liquid”, International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, Vol. 12, No. 3, 1250018, May 2012
R. D. Firouz-Abadi, M. M. Fotouhi, M. R. Permoon and H. Haddadpour, “Natural frequencies and buckling of pressurized nanotubes using shear deformable nonlocal shell model”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 26 (2) (2012) 563-573
S.A. Sina, H. Haddadpour and H.M. Navazi, “Nonlinear free vibrations of thin-walled beams in torsion”, Acta Mechanica, Vol. 223, No. 10, pp 2135-2151, October 2012
] S. Mahmoudkhani, H.M. Navazi, H. Haddadpour, An analytical study of the non-linear vibrations of cylindrical shells, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 46 (2011) 1361–1372
Navazi H.M., Haddadpour H.: Nonlinear aero-thermoelastic analysis of homogeneous and functionally graded plates in supersonic airflow using coupled models. Compos. Struct. 93, 2554–2565 (2011)
R.D. Firouz-Abadi, M.A. Noorian and H. Haddadpour, A fluid-structure interaction model for stability analysis of shells conveying fluid. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 26, 747– 763, 2010
Kouchakzadeh M.A., Rasekh M., Haddadpour H.: Panel flutter analysis of general laminated composite plates. Compos. Struct. 92, 2906–2915 (2010)
Mahmoudkhani S, Haddadpour H, Navazi HM (2010) Supersonic flutter prediction of functionally graded conical shells. Compos Struct 92:377–386

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