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Professor Xiaoyu Luo (X.Y. Luo)

Mathematics and Statistics
University of Glasgow

In 1978 . . . I accepted an entry-exemption offer from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and chose to study theoretical mechanics. I obtained my BEng (1982) and MSc (1985) degrees at XJTU with top grades, and was recruited by the University as a lecturer in 1985. My research was on structure stability analysis. Between 1987-1990, I undertook my PhD study on blood flow in arteries while working as a lecturer. During this time, I also obtained funding from the World Bank and visited the UK for one year as part of the joint-training PhD program. I worked at the Department of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. This visit provided an opportunity for me to carry out some experiments on fluid mechanics. I was also exposed to the surgeon's view of blood flow and circulation. Returned to XJTU in 1988, I continued my PhD study on numerical simulations of blood flow in stenotic arteries. In 1990, I successfully defended my Ph.D and graduated with Distinction, and was awarded the "Tang ZhaoQian Scholarship" by Xi'an Jiaotong University; the prize with a gold medal offered to the top PhD student of the year. I was promoted to associate Professor two years later. In 1992, I took up a post-doctorial research fellowship with Professor T J Pedley, FRS, at the University of Leeds, UK, and worked on fluid flow in collapsible tubes. Together we studied some interesting phenomena, such as flow limitation, and self-excited oscillations. A few years later, I became a lecturer at the Department of Engineering, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, and continued my research on collapsible tube flows. I moved to the University of Sheffield in 1990, and worked as a lecturer/SL at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I stayed at Sheffield for 5 years, and began to build up a team and widened my research interests to include heart valves, airways, and gallbladders. Presently I work at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow. I was promoted to Reader/Professor in 2006/2008. I have growing research interests on nonlinear mechanics of heart and soft tissues.

Research Interests:
Modeling and numerical simulation of fluids and structures, especially fluid-structure interaction in physiology. In particular self-excited oscillations in flexible vessels, multi-scale modeling of heart, dynamic and constitutive modeling of mitral valves, vocal folds vibration and snoring, bile flow and gallbladder pain mechanisms.

Selected Publications:
X.Y. Luo, T.J. Pedley, A numerical simulation of steady flow in a 2-D 
collapsible channel, Journal of Fluids and Structures 9 (1995) 149–174. 

X.Y. Luo, T.J. Pedley, A numerical simulation of unsteady flow in a two-dimensional collapsible channel, The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 314 (1996) 

X.Y. Luo, T.J. Pedley, The effects of wall inertia on flow in a two-dimensional 
collapsible channel, The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 363 (1998) 253–280. 

T.J. Pedley, X.Y. Luo, Modelling flow and oscillations in collapsible tubes, 
Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics 10 (1998) 277–294. 

X.Y. Luo, T.J. Pedley, Multiple solutions and flow limitation in collapsible 
channel flows, The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 420 (2000) 301–324. 

Z.X. Cai and X.Y. Luo. A fluidbeam model for flow in collapsible channel. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 17 (1):123–144, 2003
A. Marzo, X.Y. Luo, C.D. Bertram, Three-dimensional collapse and steady flow in thick-walled flexible tubes, Journal of Fluids and Structures 20 (2005) 
X.Y. Luo, Z.X. Cai, W.G. Li, T.J. Pedley, The cascade structure of linear stabilities of flow in collapsible channels, The Journal of Fluid Mechanics 
600 (2008) 45–76.

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