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Professor Hans Irschik

Head, Institute of Technical Mechanics, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

Hans Irschik is the author or co-author of about 370 scientific publications in a wide field of theoretical and applied mechanics with special emphasis placed on the interdisciplinary coupling to mathematics, physics and control. His interests concern plates and shells, plasticity and viscoplasticity, linear and non-linear vibrations and waves, earthquake engineering, thermal stresses, computational and probabilistic methods of structural mechanics, smart and intelligent structures, structural control and health monitoring, as well as mechatronics. He is also active in the fields of variable-mass and multi-body dynamic systems, in biomechanics and in configurational mechanics. Since 2006, he serves as Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Acta Mechanica. Hans Irschik is a Full Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a Honorary Doctor of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic State University.

Selected Publications:
Editor of Books:
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Journal Articles, etc.:
1. Hans Irschik, "Ein Integralgleichungsverfahren zur Berechnung allseits frei drehbar gelagerter Trapezplatten mit rechten Winkeln.", in ZAMM, Vol. 60, Seite(n) T125-T127, 1980 

2. Hans Irschik, "Zur Berechnung thermisch belasteter, dünner, elastischer Platten.", in ZAMM, Vol. 61, Seite(n) T97-T99, 1981 

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4. Hans Irschik, "Eine Analogie zwischen Lösungen für schubstarre und schubelastische Platten.", in ZAMM, Vol. 62, Seite(n) T129-T131, 1982 

5. Hans Irschik, "Erweiterung eines Randintegralgleichungsverfahrens auf Platten mit elastisch gelagerten Rändern.", in ZAMM, Vol. 63, Seite(n) T174-T177, 1983 

6. Hans Irschik, "Ein Randintegralgleichungsverfahren für temperaturmoment-beanspruchte Platten.", in Ingenieur-Archiv, Vol. 53, Seite(n) 197-207, 1983 

7. Hans Irschik, "A boundary-integral equation method for bending of orthotropic plates.", in International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 20, Seite(n) 245-255, 1984 

8. Hans Irschik, "Membrane-Type Eigenmotions of Mindlin Plates.", in Acta Mechanica, Vol. 55, Seite(n) 1-20, 1985 

9. Hans Irschik, Franz Ziegler, "Thermal shock loading of elastoplastic beams.", in Journal of Thermal Stresses, Vol. 8, Seite(n) 53-69, 1985 

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11. Franz Ziegler, Hans Irschik, "Dynamic Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Beams by Means of Thermoelastic Solutions.", in International Journal Solids Structures, Vol. 21, Seite(n) 819- 829, 1985 

12. Hans Irschik, "Das Mohrsche Verfahren zur Berechnung von Biegebalken mit nichtlinearem Werkstoffgesetz.", in Technische Mechanik, Vol. 6, Seite(n) 21-28, 1985 

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