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Professor Bassam A. Izzuddin

Computational Structural Mechanics
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Imperial College, London

Research Interests:
Advanced nonlinear finite element analysis, Modelling of structures subject to extreme loading (blast, impact, fire, earthquakes, Simplified design-oriented structural modeling, Robustness and progressive collapse assessment of tall buildings, Multi-scale objective modelling of reinforced concrete structures, Multi-scale modelling of masonry structures, Risk assessment of structures subject to extreme loading, Soil-structure interaction

Developed Software – ADAPTIC:
Advanced nonlinear structural analysis program; Geometric and material nonlinearities; Novel frame, plate, membrane and shell elements; Steel, reinforced concrete and composite structures; Extreme loading (static, dynamic and fire); Robust nonlinear solution procedures

Selected Publications:
Maunder EAW, Izzuddin BA. A hybrid equilibrium element for folded plate and shell structures, Int J Numer Methods Eng, 2013; 95:451-477.
Jokhio GA, Izzuddin BA, 2013, Parallelisation of nonlinear structural analysis using dual partition super elements, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol:60-61, ISSN:0965-9978, Pages:81-88
Abidin ARZ, Izzuddin BA, 2013, Meshless local buckling analysis of steel beams with irregular web openings, Engineering Structures, Vol:50, ISSN:0141-0296, Pages:197-206
Li, Z. X., Liu, Y. F., Izzuddin, B. A. and Vu-Quoc, L., “A stabilized co-rotational curved quadrilateral composite shell element”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 86, No. 8, May 2011, pp. 975–999
Z. X. Li, B. A. Izzuddin and L. Vu-Quoc, “A 9-node co-rotational quadrilateral shell element”, Computational Mechanics, Vol. 42, No. 6, 2008, pp. 873-884
Izzuddin BA, Vlassis AG, Elghazouli AY, et al., 2008, Progressive collapse of multi-storey buildings due to sudden column loss - Part I: Simplified assessment framework, Engineering Structures, Vol:30, ISSN:0141-0296, Pages:1308-1318
Izzuddin BA, 2005, An enhanced co-rotational approach for large displacement analysis of plates, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol:64, ISSN:0029-5981, Pages:1350-1374

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