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NOTICE: The following entires, arranged alphabetically, have no portraits

NOTICE-Please read

The following “Shell Buckling People” are placed alphabetically at the end of this slide show because I have no portrait photograph of them. If you are included among them please email a head-and-shoulders photograph of yourself and your CV or send me a link to these items. If you are a colleague of one or more of these and know where a portrait and CV can be obtained please email that information to me. My email address is: .

Doubtless many of these “Shell Buckling People” are deceased. Please email me a link that has a portrait and biography that includes dates of birth and death. If there exists a tribute to any of them, please also email that or a link to it.

If you know of any “Shell Buckling People” that are not included in this slide show and you feel should be included, please email me information about them or links to same.

With many thanks in advance, David Bushnell

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