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Submarine hull with two joined cylindrical shells

Rinu Cherian (M.Tech Machine Design & M.G University), “Buckling Analysis Of Underwater Cylindrical Shells Subjected To External Pressure”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (IJIRAE), Vol. 1, No. 10, November 2014

ABSTRACT: In the field of structural mechanics the word shell refers to a spatial, curved structural member.
In shells, the external loads are carried by both membrane and bending response. The effect of such responses needs careful observation. This project fulfills the need on study of behavior of shell structures by both mathematical and numerical methods. In the present development, the Donnell's relation forms the basis of stability equation for circular cylindrical shells. The effect of stiffeners on cylindrical structures has been studied, by varying the geometry and orientation of stiffeners. The paper aims to analyze the cylindrical section of an underwater pressure hull, using finite element analysis and strengthen it accordingly. The project considers the finite element method for static structural and deflection analysis of underwater cylindrical structure by using ANSYS15 software.

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