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Great strength of an axially compressed paper cruciform column

from: Geertje Hek, Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Geertje Hek writes: "PhD theses are more useful than you may think. See for instance this picture in which my thesis is used at the `Wetenschapsdag' at CWI to prove how strong a folded A4-piece of paper may be."

Geertje Hek's PhD thesis: "Bifurcations of homoclinic orbits in singularly perturbed flows",
Ph.D. thesis Utrecht University, May 2000.

Geertje Hek writes: "I am a guest researcher at the KdVI. The main theme of my research is 'Geometric singular perturbation theory and applications'. I perform analysis on various singularly perturbed problems that are related to different application fields: existence and stability issues related to pattern formation in for instance convection experiments, and existence and bifurcation questions in delay differential equations having their background in laser dynamics. Currently we are, in cooperation with ecologists, studying pattern formation in arid landscapes to try to understand how such patterns are related to desert formation. As one can observe from my publication record, I am an applied mathematician in the broadest sense: on the one hand, I perform abstract mathematical analysis (where the original question from an application field only plays a background role); on the other hand, I really enjoy cooperations with people from application fields and/or industry."

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