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Postbuckling deformation from STAGS of an externally blade-stiffened cylindrical metallic panel under combined axial compression and in-plane shear

This is Fig. 42 from the paper, "Optimization of composite, stiffened, imperfect panels under combined loads for service in the posbuckling regime", by David Bushnell, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 103, 1993, pp. 43-114.

The cylindrical externally blade-stiffened panel was previously optimized by PANDA2 in the presence of three load sets.

This slide shows the state of the panel at various load factors, PA, for Load Set 3: Combined axial load, Nx = -1000 lb/in and in-plane shear load, Nxy = 1000 lb/in, no axial bowing. PA = 1.0 is the design load factor. "PA" is the name used in STAGS for "load factor".

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