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Plan view of postbuckling deformation of a T-stiffened panel under combined axial compression, in-plane shear and normal pressure

This and the next two slides are from the paper, "Optimum design of composite stiffened panels under combined loading, by David Bushnell and William D. Bushnell, Computers & Structures, Vol.55, No. 5, pp. 819-856, 1995, called "1995 PANDA2 paper" in the next two slides.

This slide shows Fig. 25 of the 1995 PANDA2 paper.

Displayed here is a plan view of an undeformed and deformed STAGS finite element model of a T-stiffened flat panel previously optimized by PANDA2 for the load combination: axial compression, Nx = -500 lb/in, in-plane shear, Nxy = 500 lb/in and normal pressure, p = 5.0 psi. The pressure is applied to the skin surface opposite to that to which the stiffeners are attached.

The in-plane loading components, Nx and Nxy, are shown, as well as the boundary conditions for the case in which the two edges parallel to the T-shaped stringers (longitudinal edges) are prevented from warping in the plane of the panel skin.

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