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Rita G. Toscano, “Collapse and post-collapse behavior of steel pipes under external pressure and bending. Application to deep water pipelines”, Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2009

ABSTRACT: The production of oil and gas from offshore oil fields is, nowadays, more and more important. As a result of the increasing demand of oil, and being the shallow water reserves not enough, the industry is pushed forward to develop and exploit more difficult fields in deeper waters. In this Thesis, a methodology for using the finite element method as a robust engineering tool for analyzing the effect of the manufacturing tolerance on the collapse and post collapse behavior of steel pipes was discussed and illustrated with practical examples. Even though, using a small strain formulation, the matching between numerical and experimental results was excellent, the model results showed high strains in some areas of the collapsed pipes. Therefore, we developed a new shell element, MITC4-3D, incorporating elasto-plastic finite strains, based in the MITC4 formulation. It was implemented for the analyses of elasto-plastic shell structures and the results indicate that it is a very effective element.

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