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Professor Qinghua Han

Research Center of Large-Span Spatial Structures, School of Civil Engineering
Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Qinghua Han, professor and doctoral supervisor, secretary of the Party Committee and dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University. His research is mainly focused on Steel Structures and Large-span Spatial Structures, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration.

Selected Publications:
Q. H. Han, H. Jin, J. Ai, and X. Y. Liu, “Analysis of the overall buckling load for engineering structure,” Journal of Tianjin University, vol. 38, no. 12, pp. 1051–1057, 2005.
Y. Yin, Q.H. Han, L.J. Bai, H.D. Yang, S.P. Wang, Experimental study on hysteretic behaviour of tubular N-joints, J. Constr. Steel Res., 65 (2) (2009), pp. 326–334
Zhang, H.D. and Han, Q.H. (2013), "A numerical investigation of seismic performance of large span single-layer latticed domes with semi-rigid joints", Struct. Eng. Mech., 48(1), 57-75.
Zhang, H.D, Wang, Y.F. and Han, Q.H. (2015), "Nonlinear material loss factors of single-layer latticed domes subjected to earthquake ground motions", J. Struct. Eng., ASCE, 141(7), 04014181.
Han, Q. H., Liu, M. J., Lu, Y., & Wang, C. X. (2015). Progressive collapse analysis of large-span reticulated domes. International Journal of Steel Structures,15(2), 261–269.
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Zhang, H.D., Han, Q.H., Wang, Y.F. and Lu, Y. (2016), "Explicit modeling of damping of a single-layer latticed dome with an isolation system subjected to earthquake ground motions", Eng. Struct., 106, 154-165.
Qinghua Han, Yuhao Cheng, Yan Lu, Tao Li and Peng Lu, “Nonlinear buckling analysis of shallow arches with elastic horizontal supports”, Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 109, pp 88-102, December 2016,
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Qinghua Han, Xinxia Li, Mingjie Liu and Billie F. Spencer Jr., “Experimental investigation of beam-column joints with cast steel stiffeners for progressive collapse prevention”, ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 145, No. 5, May 2019
Yan Lu, Guangqin Hao, Qinghua Han and Jin Huang, “Steel tubular friction damper and vibration reduction effects of double-layer reticulated shells”, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Vol. 169, Article 106019, June 2020
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Ying Xu, Xiaoning Zhang and Qinghua Han, “Research on the progressive collapse resistance of single-layer cylindrical latticed shells with AH joints”, Thin-Walled Structures, Article 107178, Vol. 158, January 2021

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