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Professor Emeritus Gregory J. Hancock


BSc, BE, PhD, DEng
Emeritus Professor
Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering
School of Civil Engineering
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
University of Sydney, Australia

The CIMS2008 (Coupled Instabillities in Metal Structures) logo has been generated from the computer program Thin-Wall. It represents the set of "signature curves" that illustrates the various buckling modes of cross-sectional shapes.

Greg was instrumental in developing and applying the finite strip analysis method to analyse thin walled structures. This had led to the understanding of the distortional buckling mode of structures.

This work has been applied in practice and is incorporated into design standards around the world. Greg's application of design for distortional buckling has led to new and innovative shapes of sections in the construction industry which are significantly more efficient.

The year of the CIMS2008 conference coincides with Professor Greg Hancock reaching 60. The third day of the conference, Wed 25 June 2008, will be set aside as the Gregory J Hancock Symposium, dedicated to him and his many achievements. These include the developments of semi-analytical finite strip and spline finite strip methods and the use of "design by buckling analysis" which laid the foundation for the Direct Strength Method now rapidly being accepted in North America and Australia.

While the Symposium will be part of the CIMS2008 Conference, speakers will be invited amongst Greg's collaborators, friends, colleagues and past PhD students.

The overall theme of the Symposium will be cold-formed steel structures under the general headings of advances in theoretical backgrounds, numerical methods and design developments. The Symposium aims to promote innovation in research and design of cold-formed steel structures.

Professor Gregory J Hancock is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, a position he has held since May 2004. He has also been Bluescope Steel (formerly BHP Steel) Professor of Steel Structures in the Department of Civil Engineering, since 1990. He was Director then Chairman of the Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering in the University of Sydney from 1988 to 2003.

His research interests are in the area of cold-formed steel structures and he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Engineering in 2003 by the University for a collection of 69 papers on this subject. He is a board member of the Australian Steel Institute, a member of the American Iron and Steel Institute Specification Committee (only non-North American member), and chairs the Standards Australia committee on cold-formed steel structures and is a member of 5 other Standards Australia committees in structural engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia, and the Singapore Structural Steel Society. He was recently elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering. He is a consultant to all the leading Australian manufacturers of steel structural products.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Constructional Steel Research published in London, as well the Journal of Advances in Structural Engineering (Hong Kong) and the International Journal of Steel Structures (Korea).

He is the author of “Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures to AS/NZS 4600” published by the Australia Institute of Steel Construction in 1998, and joint author of “Cold-Formed Steel Structures to the AISI Specification” (Hancock, Murray and Ellifritt) published by Marcel Dekker, New York in 2001.

Membership of Learned Societies:
Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Australia
Member of the Structural Stability Research Council, USA
Member, Australian Steel Institute
Honorary Fellow, Singapore Structural Steel Society
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering

International Standards Committees:
2003 - 2004 Member, International Advisory Committee Hong Kong, Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel (Limit State Approach)
Jul 1994-present Member of Subcommittees 24 (Flexural Members), 30 (Education) of American Iron and Steel Institute Specification Committee
Feb 1994-present Member of Subcommittees 3 (Connections), 10 (Elements), 22 (Compression Members) and 24 (Flexural Members) of American Iron and Steel Institute Specification Committee
July 1993-present Member of Specification Committee of American Iron and Steel Institute

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