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Dr. Abdessalem Hajlaoui

Research Unit of Mechanical, Modelisation and Manufacturing Unit (U2MP),
National School of Engineering of Sfax, Sfax, Tunesia

Selected Publications:
Abdessalem Hajlaoui, Abdessalem Jarraya, Imen Kallel-Kamoun and Fakhreddine Dammak, “Buckling analysis of a laminated composite plate with delaminations using the enhanced assumed strain solid shell element”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 26 (10) (2012) 3213~3221
Mondher Wali, Abdessalem Hajlaoui, Jamel Mars, K. El Bikri, Abdessalem Jarraya and Fakhreddine Dammak, “FGM Shell structures analysis using an enhanced discrete double directors shell element”, in Mechatronic Systems: Theory and Applications, pp 131-147, 2014, Springer
Wali, M., Hajlaoui, A., Dammak, F., (2014). Discrete double directors shell element for the functionally graded material shell structures analysis. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 278:388-403
Hajlaoui, A., Jarraya, A., El Bikri, K., Dammak, F., (2015). Buckling analysis of functionally graded materials structures with enhanced solid-shell elements and transverse shear correction. Composite Structures 132:87-97
Abdessalem Hajlaoui, Abdessalem Jarraya, Mondher Wali and Fakhreddine Dammak, “A higher order shear strain enhanced solid-shell element for laminated composites structures analysis”, in Multiphysics Modelling and Simulation for Systems Design and Monitoring, pp 497-506, 2015, Springer
Frikha, A., Wali, M., Hajlaoui, A., Dammak, F., (2016). Dynamic response of functionally graded material shells with a discrete double directors shell element. Composite Structures 154: 385-395
Hajlaoui, A., Wali, M., Ben Jdidia, M., Dammak, F., (2016). An improved Enhanced Solid Shell Element for Static and Buckling Analysis of shell structures, Mechanics & Industry, 17:510

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