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Professor Mohamed Najib Ichchou

Professor of Solid Mechanics
Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Ecully, France

Mohamed Ichchou is Professor of Solid Mechanics at École Centrale de Lyon. He received a Bachelor of Science from the
University of Franche-Comté (1990) and a joint M. Phil in Mechanics from École Centrale de Lyon and the Claude Bernard University of Lyon-I (1992). He graduated in Engineering from L’École Centrale
de Lyon in 1992 and obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1996. He received his accreditation to supervise research in
2004. Mohamed Ichchou is a member of the editorial board of four international journals. He has authored more than 100 papers
in international peer-reviewed journals. His main research interests are vibroacoustics, mid-high frequencies, and smart materials and structures. He has been involved in several European projects since the fourth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP). He is also an independent expert for a number
of European and international agencies.

Selected Publications:
Mencik, J. M. and Ichchou, M. N. [2005] “Multi-mode propagation and diffusion in structures through finite elements,” European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids 24, 877–898
J. Berthaut, M. Ichchou, L. Jezequel, K-space identification of apparent structuralbehaviour, J. Sound Vib., 280 (3–5) (2005), pp. 1125-1131
M. Ichchou, J. Berthaut, M. Collet. Multi-mode wave propagation in ribbed plates: Part i, wavenumber-space characteristics, Int. J. Solids Struct., 45 (5) (2008), pp. 1179-1195
M. Ichchou, J. Berthaut, M. Collet, Multi-mode wave propagation in ribbed plates. part ii: predictions and comparisons, Int. J. Solids Struct., 45 (5) (2008), pp. 1196-1216
M. Ichchou, O. Bareille, J. Berthaut, Identification of effective sandwich structural properties via an inverse wave approach, Eng. Struct., 30 (10) (2008), pp. 2591-2604
M. Ichchou, B. Hiverniau, B. Troclet, Equivalent rain on the roof loads for random spatially correlated excitations in the mid frequency range, J. Sound Vib., 322 (2009), pp. 926-940
D. Chronopoulos, B. Troclet, M. Ichchou and J.P Laine, “A unified approach for the broadband vibroacoustic response of composite shells”, Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol. 43, No. 4, pp 1837-1846, June 2012
T.G. Zielinski, M.A. Galland, M.N. Ichchou, Fully coupled finite-element modeling of active sandwich panels with poroelastic core, ASME J Vib Acoust, 134 (2) (2012), Article ID 021007
Manuel Collet, Morvan Ouisse, Flaviano Tateo, Mohamed Najib Ichchou, “Integrated and Distributed Adaptive Metacomposites for vibroacoustic control of Aerospace Structures. 5th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS), Jan 2013, France. pp.1 - 2, 2013.
T.L. Huang, M.N. Ichchou, O.A. Bareille, M. Collet and M. Ouisse, “Multi-modal wave propagation in smart structures with shunted piezoelectric patches”, Computational Mechanics, 2013
D. Chronopoulos, B. Troclet, O. Bareille and M. Ichchou, “Modeling the response of composite panels by a dynamic stiffness approach”, Composite Structures, Vol. 96, pp 111-120, February 2013
D. Chronopoulos, M. Ichchou, B. Troclet, and O. Bareille, “Efficient prediction of the response of layered shalls by a dynamic stiffness approach”, Composite Structures, Vol. 97, pp 401-404, March 2013
D. Chronopoulos, B. Troclet, M. Ichchou, J.-P. Laine, A unified approach for the broadband vibroacoustic response of composite shells Compos. B Eng., 43 (2013), pp. 1837-1846
Dimitrios Chronopoulos, Mohamed Ichchou, Bernard Troclet and Olivier Bareilli, “Predicting the broadband response of a layered cone-cylinder-cone shell”, Composite Structures, Vol. 107, pp 149-159, January 2014
C. Droz, J.-P. Laine, M. Ichchou, G. Inquiete, A reduced formulation for the free-wave propagation analysis in composite structures, Compos. Struct., 113 (2014), pp. 134-144

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