1. Please feel free to use any images and text from shellbuckling.com in your teaching or papers or presentations. A reference to this website would be appreciated, for example: “David Bushnell and William D. Bushnell, shellbuckling.com, 2015.”, for printed text, or a link (http://shellbuckling.com) in online documents.
  2. If you teach courses that include sections on buckling please recommend that your students visit shellbuckling.com.
  3. Please pass this notice to any of your colleagues that have contributed knowledge to the shell buckling field and who should be represented in Shell Buckling People
  4. Email photographs and CVs of people, including yourself, whom you feel should be added/updated.
  5. Email photographs and CVs of the people for whom I yet have only names and lists of “Selected Publications”. These names-without-portraits appear in Shell Buckling People near the end of the slide show, The Living, even though several of them are probably deceased by now. Please include dates of birth and death for every deceased person and an obituary and/or tribute(s) by colleagues, or supply me with links to same.
  6. Email plots/photographs pertaining to buckled shells and other buckled structures and/or the analyses thereof that you feel should be included in one of the galleries in Other Buckling Images on the website. Please provide a citation with each image, including an abstract and description, so that complete credit and context exists for the image. If you want an image added to your downloadable CV (as is described above in Item 4 of PART 1) please send me that image and identify its origin.
  7. Email images of book covers that you feel should be included in the Book Cover Gallery in Shell Buckling Bibliography. Include the names of the authors (or editors), title, publisher, date and number of pages for each book. Also include a brief description of the book. If the image of your book is present but has only the image title and lacks a description, please provide a description. (In Shell Buckling Bibliography the images of book covers appear in Book Cover Gallery in alphabetical order of the surname of the first author.)
  8. Email additional links to other shell buckling websites or additional links to websites that pertain to yourself.
  9. If you maintain a website in which the buckling of shells is a significant part, please introduce a link to shellbuckling.com.
  10. Within a day or two after I send a message that shellbuckling.com has been updated you may experience some difficulty visiting shellbuckling.com because too many people are trying to access it simultaneously. Please be patient. If you have difficulty visiting shellbuckling.com, please try again later.
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