On this website page I take a very broad view of Shell Buckling People, since I include not only people who have contributed significantly directly to the field of shell buckling, but also people who have laid the foundations of mathematics and created the tools that are now so frequently used to do shell buckling analysis and linear or nonlinear, static or dynamic analysis of general structures of which shell structures are a subset. For example, famous people such as Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, Laplace, Lagrange and Galelei are included because they created the mathematics essential for shell buckling research; Hill, Drucker, Prager, Lee, and Hodge are included because they were pioneers in the field of nonlinear behavior of metals; Jones, Halpin, Whitney and Tsai are included because they contributed mightily to the technology of laminated composite materials out of which so many modern light-weight shell structures are fabricated; Zienkiewicz, Belytschko, Hughes, Oden, and Felippa are included because their work on the nonlinear static and dynamic behavior of general structures is very broad and therefore encompasses the specific area of shell buckling.

Doubtless you will notice that many famous people in the specific field of shell buckling are still missing. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress. If you notice that individuals are missing and you have information on them, especially photographs, please email that to Dr. Bushnell.

Visitors to this web site may email your curriculum vitae.

I would feel honored if you would email to me, if you have not already done so, a close-up (head and shoulders) photograph of yourself with your CV or a summary of your CV including a link to a site that contains a list of your publications and perhaps other details about yourself.

Also, it would greatly benefit this website if you would write an informal description of yourself and your career that I would then introduce as a caption to go with the portrait of yourself in the Shell Buckling People photo presentation. Please see the caption for Dr. David Bushnell in the photo presentation as an example of this informal caption.

It would be easiest for me if you would send as three separate entities:

  1. Your portrait photograph in “jpg”, “jpeg”, or “png” format.
  2. The text of your CV in “pdf” or “docx” format.
  3. The text of your informal portrait caption to appear in a Shell Buckling People photo presentation.

There are seven photo presentations on this Shell Buckling People page: The Deceased, The Living (A through G), The Living (H through M), The Living (N through S), The Living (T through Z), Group Photos, and No Photo. In The Deceased presentation I have included many famous deceased Shell Buckling People, such as Professors Timoshenko, von Kármán, Koiter, Singer, Hoff, Babcock and many others. If you know of still others that are not included in The Deceased presentation, or if you know of persons that are still included in the The Living presentations that should be included in The Deceased presentation instead, please let me know. I would very much appreciate any help you can provide with this. Please provide dates of birth and death and any tributes or links to tributes that you are aware of. David Bushnell very much appreciates the help of Professor Igor Andrianov, who supplied several portraits and biographies of early workers in the field of shell theory and shell buckling.

It would also greatly improve this website if you would send images of buckled shells or other images that pertain to shell buckling that are not yet included from work in the field by yourself and your colleagues. I would then include these in the appropriate photo presentation located on the Other Buckling Images page of this website. Please include the names of links to the source of your images or other information that properly establishes credit.

A portrait photograph of yourself is a very important part of your curriculum vitae. I may decide not to include your curriculum vitae on this website if it does not include that photograph. We Shell Buckling People want to see who our colleagues are!

The Curricula Vitae

The Deceased (In ascending order of the date of death, birth, alphabetical)

The Living (In alphabetical order of last, first, middle names)