Photo shows shell buckling glider wings while glider makes hard banked turn

Welcome to the shell buckling website by David and Bill Bushnell. Shown here is local buckling of the top surfaces of the wings of a glider. The top surfaces are like thin cylindrical shells under axial (span-wise) compression. The axial compression is largest near the roots of the wings and exists because the wings, clamped at their roots, are bent “upward” (toward the viewer) as the glider makes a tight turn around the peak of a nearby mountain from which this photograph was taken. The wings in their locally post-buckled state do not fail catastrophically because there exist strong internal spars that remain intact (unbuckled). (Photograph by Connie Indrebo of Crazy Creek Air Adventures, Middletown, California.)

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Photo of Bill Bushnell, Mt. Dana, David Bushnell from Gaylor Peak, California

Bill Bushnell (left, Webmaster) and David Bushnell (Website creator) stand atop Gaylor Peak, California (11,006ft, 3355m). Mt. Dana (13,053ft, 3979m) rises in the background. (2005)