An extensive bibliography on shell and plate buckling and vibration was compiled by David Bushnell starting in 2011 and continues to be updated. There are so many papers and even books in the shell buckling field that Dr. Bushnell apologizes in advance for missing any of your contributions. At the time this file was initially created (March - August, 2011) there were about 800000 “hits” when the search string, “shell buckling” was entered into “Google search”. You may find it useful to compile a list of references for your paper by searching the extensive bibliography for key words and creating your own special list of references by cutting and pasting.

The vast universe of papers on the buckling and vibration of shells is like a fractal: no matter how much the search is narrowed within that universe (for example, “postbuckling composite shells”, “buckling sandwich shells”, “thermal buckling shells”, or Hutchinson buckling shells”), there exists a vast sub-universe with essentially the same creators and characteristics as the entire “shell buckling” universe. One cannot possibly explore these universes and sub-universes completely. The shell buckling universe and its sub-universes may be expanding faster than the cosmos itself.