November 1, 2017

  1. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following deceased Shell Buckling People:
  2. Added CV's and portrait photographs for the following living Shell Buckling People:
  3. Revised the CV's for the following Shell Buckling People:
  4. We have added buckling images to the following galleries on the Other Buckling Images page along with new descriptive text for each of the galleries.
    • Unstiffened Cylinders - 4: Buckling of large tanks from fire; 1: Cantilevered cyl. half with end corner load; 1: Unit model of a periodic structure – a corrugated cyl. shell; 1: wrinkling of pipe liner; 2: axially compressed composite cyl. shell; 3: CFST stub columns; 4: Wind tower spirally welded base; 3: Silo with eccentric discharge; 1: DWCNT in matrix; 1: cyl. with lattice wall; 1: cyl. with variable-angle lamina; 1:ice gouging seafloor with harm to buried pipeline; : 1: prebuckling and buckling deformations of axially compressed cylindrical shell; 2: axially compressed oval cylinders; 6: axially compressed cylinder edge state with buckling localization; 3: axially compressed composite cylinders with variable-angle layup; 1: imperfection types in large tanks assembled in the field; 1: twist buckling of foldable cylinder; 1: lattice cylinder.
    • Stiffened Cylinders - 6: axially compressed stiffened laminated composite panel with local delamination growth; 2: ring-stiffened cylindrical shells under external pressure.
    • Non-Cylinders - 1: Shukov hyperboloid tower; 3: sphere in elastic medium; 2: vibration of shells of revolution; 2: local buckling of ring and stringer stiffened spherical cap under external pressure; 1: spherical shell with inward point load; 1: ring and stringer stiffened toroidal segments; 2: buckling modes of shells of revolution.
    • Compound Structures - 1: twin sphere energy absorber; 2: in-plane honeycomb crushing; 1: two large storage tanks buckled catastrophically.
    • Thin-Walled Beam Columns - Note: This is a new section. Most of the images were taken from the “Other Topics” album; a few were taken from the “Prismatic Shells” album.
    • Prismatic Shells - 1: channel beam bending and buckling; 2: short-wavelength buckling of concrete-filled tube; 1: tape spring snap through and snap back; 3: GBT beam buckling; 6: ASTER (corrugated) cylindrical shells under axial compression or external pressure.
    • Nanotubes - 2: axially compressed CNTs; 1: DWCNT with magnetic axial compression.
    • Soft Shells and Membranes - 5: postbuckling of compressed stiff film on compliant substrate; 1: tension wrinkling of film on substrate; 5: films on compliant substrates; 1: graphene wrinkling by design; 2: cortical folds; 1: human heart; 14 images were transferred from the “other topics” album to the end of this album; 1: collapsed soufflé.
    • Sandwich Shells - 1: sandwich with complex corrugated core; 3: double sandwich wall with air gap; 1: global/local buckling; 2: shock pressure; 3: sandwich three local buckling modes; 2: honeycomb buckling; 4: inclined core crushing; 1: crashworthy honeycomb shapes; 1: biaxially compressed nanosandwich; 2: Truss member kinking and buckling under overall sandwich wall bending; 1: Foam-supported cylinder wrinkling; 1: functionally graded sandwich wall; 1: test and model for local indentation of sandwich wall.
    • Art and Architecture
    • Other Topics - 1: bifurcations and postbuckling paths from nonlinear fundamental path; 1: layer-wise shell wall model; 2: Bistable voltage-activated switch; 4: foam crushing; 2: paperboard creasing and folding; 1: carbon “onion” buckling; 1: cracked plate buckling under tension; 1: Vierendeel mechanism; 2: variable-angle tow plate; 1: doubly-curved energy harvester; 1: Journal of Curved and Layered Surfaces; 1: Origami deployable internal stent; 1: Optimization, fabricating, testing and analyzing a structure with holes.
  5. We have added new book cover images to the Book Cover Gallery on the Bibliography page.
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  6. Many additional citations and abstracts of papers were added to the long and downloadable full bibliography file available in PDF and DOCX formats in the Bibliography section. This file now has about 6000 pages and continues to be a work in progress. At the date of my last notice, July 1, 2017, there were about 1900 pages fewer than now exist; therefore, many additional citations have been added during the past three months.

    The new citations were found following a new search strategy introduced in May 2017. The journals to be searched for “buckling” papers from now on are limited to the following:

    • Acta Mechanica
    • Acta Mechanica Sinica
    • Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica
    • Aerospace Science and Technology
    • AIAA Journal
    • Applied Mechanics Reviews
    • ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics
    • ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering
    • Composite Structures
    • Composites Part B Engineering
    • Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
    • Computers & Structure
    • Curved and Layered Structures
    • Engineering Structures
    • European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids
    • Experimental Mechanics
    • Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
    • International Journal for Computational methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics
    • International Journal of Applied Mechanics
    • International Journal of Crashworthiness
    • International Journal of Engineering Science
    • International Journal of Impact Engineering
    • International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
    • International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics
    • International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineerin
    • International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering
    • International Journal of Solids and Structures
    • International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
    • Journal of Applied Mechanics
    • Journal of Composite Materials
    • Journal of Constructional Steel Research
    • Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
    • Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials
    • Journal of Sound and Vibration
    • Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
    • Marine Structures
    • Ocean Engineering
    • Procedia Engineering
    • Structures
    • Thin-Walled Structures

    You can search the huge bibliography file in order to compile preliminary lists of relevant references you may want to add at the end of a paper on shell buckling that you intend to write. If you find this material helpful, a reference in your paper to this website would be appreciated. For example: “David Bushnell and William D. Bushnell,, 2017.”, for printed text or a link, (, for online documents.

  7. Added the following new Shell Buckling Links: